Can Rube Goldberg Save the Highway Trust Fund? *** Local Tax Threats, Hikes, and Indignities *** Raising Taxes to Fuel, Fly, and… Drink? *** Dynamic Scoring Forum: Overblown Concerns? *** Charting a Course for Tax Reform: Might Feel Familiar, Won’t Be Easy *** Rubio-Lee Hints at Tax Reform's Troubling Direction *** Credits, Collections and Refunds *** Watch What You Wish For: Dynamic Scoring Creates More Issues for the GOP *** Simplification, Shortfalls and Shifted Assets *** If Wishes Were Taxes, Reformers Would Smile *** Dynamic Scoring Forum: The Dangers of Dynamic Scoring *** Budgets, Taxes, and Addiction *** Expensive Plans, ACA Developments, and Exercises in Futility *** The Rubio-Lee Tax Reform Plan Raises Important Issues But Would Add Trillions to the Debt *** States Want To Cut Taxes Even More on Pensions. Bad Ideas Never Die. *** On Tiny Steps, King Edward, and Hidden Assets *** Cutting Capital Gains Taxes is a Dead End, Not a Step on the Road to a Consumption Tax *** Can Expectations Be Too Low? *** Dynamic Scoring Forum: California’s Dynamic Revenue Estimating Experience *** Maybe Tax Increases Will Be Easier with a Little Southern Charm *** What if We Funded Public Education Like Affordable Care Act Health Insurance? *** Dynamic Scoring Forum: Three Things You Should Know About Dynamic Scoring *** The Internet, Drug Profits, and Sacrifice *** What We Hear When We Talk About Taxes... Musings of a Tax Hound *** Raising Taxes, GOP Style *** Dynamic Scoring Forum: Now We Really Need More Information *** GOP Governors Flirt with Tax Hikes but Still Wedded to Income Tax Cuts *** To Collect Money You Have to Have Money *** So Far, Affordable Care Act Users Are Managing Tax Filing, Many Uninsured May Use New Enrollment Period *** Tax Filing, Reform, and Rate Hikes ***

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