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What information is available on Where’s My Refund?

Can't seem to track down your IRS refund?  Do you want to know when your money is going to arrive?  Go to "Where’s MyRefund?"   Its' an online tool you can use to track your refund. Where’s My Refund? will usually have information about your refund 72 hours after IRS acknowledges receipt of your e-filed return, or three to four weeks after mailing a paper return. Check back weekly, on Wednesdays, for any updates to your refund information.

What information is Not Available on Where’s My Refund?

Amended Tax Return (Form1040X) Information 

Where’s My Refund? does not track refunds that are claimed on amended tax returns.

Amended/corrected returns may take 8 to 12 weeks, or longer, to process. If it’s been more than 8 weeks since you filed your amended return and you haven’t received your refund, please contact a customer service representative by calling 800-829-1040. From outside

the U.S.,call 267-941-1000. TTY/TDD: 800-829-4059. 

Business Tax Return Information 

If you need refund information on federal tax returns other than U.S. Individual Income Tax (Forms 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ) please call the IRS, toll free, at 800-829-4933. From outside the U.S., call 267-941-1000. TTY/TDD: 800-829-4059. 

Prior Year Refund Information 

Information on Where’s My Refund? will be for the latest tax year that the IRS has on file for you. Example: You filed your 2010 tax return on January 1, 2011 and then filed your 2009 tax return on February 1, 2010. The information available on Where’s My Refund? will be for the 2009 tax return even though you filed your 2009 return after your 2010 return.

How Long Will My Refund Information be Available?

For U.S. Individual IncomeTax Returns filed before July 1: 

Your refund information will remain available on Where’s My Refund? until around the second or third week in December. If your refund check was returned to the IRS as undeliverable by the U.S. Post Office, your refund information will remain available on Where’s MyRefund? throughout the following year until you file a tax return for a more current tax year. 

For U.S. Individual Income Tax Returns filed on or after July 1: 

Your refund information will remain available throughout they following year until you file a tax return for a more current tax year.

Can I change my mailing address online?

If your refund was returned to us by the U.S. Postal Service you may be able to change the address the IRS has on file for you, online. Where’s My Refund? will offer this service to you ifyou’re eligible.

What if my refund was lost, stolen, or destroyed?

Generally, you can file an online claim for a replacement check if it’s been more than 28 days from the date that the IRS mailed your refund. Where’s My Refund? will give you detailed information about filing a claim if this situation applies to you.


"I filed online, 

my money should be here by now, right?"

Pitfalls of Online Software

Did You Know....

  • In the last 15 years congress has made nearly 30,000 changes to Federal Tax Laws
  • Online software programs will accept incorrect information without warning you of possible errors
  • Most taxpayers don't know where to look if something is missing or incorrect on their tax return
  • If a mistake is made on your tax return, the IRS will look at your returns more carefully  in the future
  • Don't assume that if more people are using online software, that it will be a good situation for you
  • Most individuals don't realize a mistake has been made by using online tax software, until years later
  • The IRS doesn't accept excuses for errors